Preparing for Garden Receptions and Parties

We are 10 days away from Aaron and Abbey’s wedding reception in our backyard.  There is still plenty of work to do to get ready.  We’ve been working hard, tackling one garden bed after the next.

Once upon a time, I planted a few Lily of the Valley bulbs here in one of my favorite garden beds.  Over the years, they’ve taken over and choked out almost everything else planted there.  I hate to see them go, but they aren’t playing well with the others anymore.  Their roots have filled almost every inch of this soil.

Gardens, like people, need constant upkeep and pruning to thin out the dead wood and baggage we carry.  If only repentance and change were as easy as digging up and hauling away.

The earth shifts and smooth river rocks work their way to the top.  It’s always surprising to see how many are down there in the dirt.

Some of my favorites right now:

There is another project underway in the Lewis compound–in the mow strip at the Farm House.  The grass here always struggles under the Lindon trees.  We’ve decided to eventually take it all out and replace it with pavers and a nice flowering ground cover like Vinca.  This week a back hoe came to prepare for the pavers.

We’ll wait until we have more energy to take out the rest of the grass!

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