Building Dresden Plates

I’ve cut, sewn and pressed more than 600 Dresden blades or petals these last couple of weeks.  Today I organized them by color so I could start building each block.

This quilt will have 30 finished blocks, with 20 blades in each.  I set out 30 paper plates, then started distributing the colors.  This is not my norm.  When I do a scrappy quilt, I usually just grab the next piece, at random.  My quilting friends talked me into being more organized with this one!

I now have 30 plates ready to sew, with a few leftovers.  Perhaps they’ll turn into doll quilts.

In the meantime, my Flea Market Flowers (Lori Holt design) is well underway.  I stitch in the evenings or when I’m waiting for someone or something.

This week I pulled out some boxes of Dresdens I made about 20 years ago.  They are still waiting to be born into a quilt.   Maybe I’ll get to them this year.

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