Brigham Young University Campus Diorama

We were on campus today for a friend’s retirement party in the Hinckley Center.  There is a new diorama of the campus that was really fun to look at.  I’ve spent about 15 years as a student here and John was a BYU employee for about 23 years.  This place was our other home.  It continues to grow and change.  When I first arrived in 1977, there were so many large grassy quads between the buildings.  Very few of those remain.

In the next year, the current Provo Temple will be taken down and a newer model will replace it.  Here’s what it will look like:

Here is a photo of the new Orem Temple.   I took this pic from the car as I got on the freeway last week.  It’s exciting to watch it change and grow.  We are surrounded by the blessings of heaven.

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