Washington Yakima Mission Reunion 2022

This evening was incredible.  We held our WYM Reunion here in the back yard.  We’ve decided on a once a year reunion from here on out, held in the summer on a Saturday afternoon, so our friends have time to travel and spend some time together.  Helpers came to set up tables and chairs at 3:00 and then everyone started arriving at 4:00.  We served J-Dawgs at 5:00.

We were in Yakima from July 2025 to July 2028.  We had 455 missionaries during that time.  Now they are scattered far and wide, but a good number of them are still in the valley, going to school and starting their families.  We had quite a few come from out of state to see their friends and fellow missionaries.  It was really a grand reunion.  I think we had more than 150 here.  What a wonderful happy family we are!

The food was great, the visiting was fantastic, and the evening passed so quickly.  At 11:00 we waved good bye to the last of them, our other children.  What a gift, to have so many dear friends, and to watch them making good choices and getting on with their lives.  We love them so much.

I’ve included here all the photos I took.  Don’t feel obligated.  They are for me to remember everyone I love who was able to come this evening.

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