Josie, My Quilting Girl!

I had so many cute fabric scraps after making the Zaggy Squares quilt top, I decided to see if Josie wanted to help me iron them and use them to make some little quilts.  She was immediately enthralled.  We gathered them up and put them in a special box with some sheets of plain white paper.  Then she went to work!

Every morning, as soon as Josie woke up, she said, “Grann, let’s make quilts!!”  Oh my heart.  It was delightful!  So she planned her little quilts and laid out the pieces.  A pink one, a yellow one, a mixed up one.  Quilt after quilt, she created and I watched.  Then she’s start all over again.

I must teach these little ones to love fabric, to see the beauty in each piece, each color and to think about ways to fashion them into beautiful patterns and designs.  If you are a quilter with grandkids, you may want to try this.   Chances are they’ll love it too!

Here is the special red box of paper and quilt pieces I sent off with Josie when it was time to return to their new home in St. Louis.

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  1. DM says:

    Love a quilting girl.

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