ROAD TRIP!! Orem to St. Louis with the 3 Grandkids!

Oh boy, here we go!  It’s Grann and Grandpa with Clark, Josie and Margot and 3 days of road ahead of us!  Did I mention the FULL car??  The car was FULL, every inch.  Plus 3 car seats and the 3 Adorables.

This is all part of the big move to St. Louis for Adam & Heidi.  Adam’s been in STL for about a week now, getting ready for the family to come to their new house while he started his residency program.  Heidi flew to STL a day ago.  In 3 days, the rest of us will arrive!

Here’s the route and below are just a few highlights.

First stop:  Wyoming rest stop with about 300 LDS youth coming and going from Trek.  John:  “Why are there so many Amish people in Wyoming??”


Day 1:  Two throw-ups.  Poor Josie.

Day 2:  Blowout diaper by Margot in the hotel pool.


Stopping at Walmart for food.  Josie feeling better.

Potty stops and interesting bugs.

Breakfast in hotels.

I appliqued 21 of my 30 Dresden Plates as we drove.

This little video pretty much sums up our trip:

Our last day on the road we stopped at Winter Quarters to pay homage to family members who died there.  You can read about that in the next post.

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