Summer 2022 Fun with the Grandkids

Here’s a collection of fun photos from our happy June with the kids.  Adam was able to stay a few days after the reception, but then he had to fly back to St Louis to start his residency program there.  Heidi and the kids stayed with us all month and we had such a great time.  Here are some of the fun things we did.

Lots and lots of book reading:

A couple of nights in Park City:

Several more family gatherings:

A quick visit from my brothers, Eric and Paul:

Fun with hair:

First haircut for Margot:

Scriptures on a Sunday morning:

A visit to Thanksgiving Point to see the huge dinosaurs in the gardens:

Helping Grandpa in the yard:

Swimming with uncles and cousins:

Loving baby Vivy:

A hose in the sandbox:

Making a doll quilt from leftover quilt pieces:

These shoes are a pretty good representation of our happy June.  One by one, family members peeled off– Adam to STL, Graham to CT, followed later by Claire, then Heidi and Vivy flew home to STL and we had the kids for one last day before we all got in the car for a Utah to St Louis ROAD TRIP!!!

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