A Week in Heavenly Montana

Unpacked from the book club retreat and repacked to leave the next day to spend a week at Graham’s family cabin at Ashley Lake in Montana.  Aaron and Abbey drove the 10 hours with us and Claire and Graham flew in from CT to host us.  The fun continues.  I had my bag of stitching to keep me busy all the way there!

Here’s a look at where we stayed:

The lake water is crystal clear and glass calm.  The kids spent a lot of time on the lake.

Working remotely is an amazing gift this generation has been given because of COVID.  These working kids put in their time at work, from wherever they are.  Their lives are much more free than ours were when we had to be in the office every day of the week.  Now they take their laptop offices with them.

I finished reading 4 books this week–The Splendid and the Vile about Churchill, The Lincoln Hypothesis, The Elephant Whisperer and I Am Half Sick of Shadows, a fun Flavia deLuce mystery.  I also cut out 5 quilts for the coming weeks because I’m having carpal tunnel surgery on my hand next week.  I’ll be able to sew, but not cut for awhile. I’m getting my ducks all lined up!

John and I spent one day in Glacier National Park.  We’ve never been there.  It was glorious.  We took a hike and it just about did me in, but we made it to the top of a mountain with Alpine lakes and meadows and mountain goats.

My favorite place was this walk through a cedar forrest.

The roots of these trees are amazingly shallow, but they intertwine with other trees to hold each other up.  Rather like people.  We need each other.

I put in 20 more hours on this English Paper Pieced star quilt as we drove to and from Montana.  I’ll be happy when it’s finished.  I pull this quilt every few years and add a bit.  It’s completely hand stitched.  Now I’m just straightening up the edges.  Soon it will be finished.  I think I started it more than 20 years ago!  It’s nice to have so many journeys going on in my life at the same time.  I love my interesting life!

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