The Garden is Out of Control

When we fixed up our garden boxes last spring, we added a big load of garden mulch with manure and topsoil.  I could hardly believe what we returned home to after all of our summer travels–the garden has gone crazy!  My few little plants:  tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, kale, zucchini, crook neck squash, summer squash and spaghetti squash have taken over and are overflowing.  I can hardly walk between the boxes!

We are eating all we can and sharing the rest.   There is plenty to go around.

We’re also enjoying fresh corn from the fruit stand down the road.  I look at these interesting vegetables and just have to smile at God’s creations.  The colors, the textures, the flavors.  Flying saucer (summer) squash, spaghetti squash, bumpy crook neck–all so interesting.  I’ll bet Heavenly Father enjoyed making each one–especially corn because it’s so fun to eat with all those kernels lined up in perfect rows!  Such happy food!

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