Hosting Our African Friends and Trip to BYU Idaho

This last week we’ve had a great time hosting two of our beloved missionaries from the Abidjan East Mission.  Jonathan Binene is the son of our first Mission President there.  He’s from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Yordanos Beyene arrived a few days later from Ethiopia.  This is their first time to America.  They’ll both be attending BYU Idaho, starting next week.

Here are a few of the things we did while they were with us.

Yordanos prepared some traditional Ethiopian food.

This flat type of bread is plant-based, made with yeast, left a few days to ferment.  This is a traditional meal–served with different types of sauces made from lentils and dried yellow peas, eaten with your fingers.

We enjoyed spending time in the Provo City Center Temple.

We walked around the BYU Provo campus.

And we invited other Abidjan East returned missionaries over for pizza.

Yordanos enjoyed meeting my quilt group.  We’re preparing to show our quilts in Thanksgiving Point’s Quilts in the Garden show next week.  We all brought quilts to hang.

They really enjoyed driving up into the canyon to Sundance.  The mountains, aspens and pines were beautiful, not at all like where they come from in Africa.

Then yesterday we drove them to Idaho and helped move them into their apartments on campus there.  It was a fun and exciting day.  After 2 days of orientation, they’ll start classes on Monday.

We did a little grocery shopping and got a few warm clothes for the coming winter.  This is not Africa!!

And then we ended the day with some all-American burgers–a real feast–before we drove back home.  As they say in Africa, “It’s no small thing” to come to America, to be accepted into a university, to get the visas and necessary sponsors, and then to succeed.  We are excited for these two and wish them great success!

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