Exchanging Old Trees for New Friends

This evening we had another of our monthly Cookie Walks.  Our neighborhood has loved these opportunities to get out on a Sunday evening with neighbors and friends as we walk to each of 4 host homes who have a table of cookies waiting for all.  The kids especially love it, zipping around on their bikes and scooters.

This evening as we walked into “The Farm,” the new development in our neighborhood, I thought back to 10 years or so ago when this area was a beautiful old apple orchard.  I was sick at heart when the land was sold and the orchard was cleared away.  I grew up on a fruit farm surrounded by orchards in Reedley, CA.  Seeing another orchard go broke my heart.

In 2014 I wrote about the Murder of an Orchard here: https://annlaemmlenlewis.com/2014/10/27/an-orchard-murdered/

This evening as I walked into this new development filling with new homes and new friends, it occurred to me that maybe the change isn’t so bad.  We’ve exchanged old trees for new friends.  I’m feeling grateful these new friends are here.  There are more than 30 new lots and most of them are sold now with new homes standing on them.  Many of the homes have basement apartments with second families living there.  Our ward family has doubled.

I thought to myself, “would I rather love trees or people?”  An easy answer.  Sometimes change brings good.  I felt that good this evening as we walked through the farm with our new neighbors.

“The Farm” is west of our Stake Center.  We live one block east of that building at the end of 500 South.  I take walks around the farm almost every day now, it’s a nice walking path.

We’ve already selected the 4 homes for next month’s Cookie Walk, marked below.

There always seems to be construction going on here as we welcome new neighbors.

Here are a few more pics from this evening’s Cookie Walk, with more of our neighbors and friends.

This month we added a Book Drive for the United Way to our Cookie Walk.  We are collecting books that will be given to underserved children in our community.

We gathered almost 400 books!  Thanks to all who helped.

And welcome to our new apple orchard neighbors.  It’s good to have you here!

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  1. Bonnie says:

    One of those photos had a “Judd boy ” in it – formerly of our old American Fork Stake. His parents are serving as mission leaders in Africa.

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