Stars in the Garden Quilt by Piece O’ Cake

Every now and again I find an old un-finished project buried in a corner of my sewing room and I hear it softly calling to me, “please finish me, please!”  Last week I found these blocks.  They want to see the light of day.  This pattern book by Piece O’ Cake was published in 1998.  I purchased it around that time and started making these blocks using a favorite applique method using cereal box cardboard and spray starch.

Each piece was traced onto the cardboard, actual size, then I cut the fabric a bit larger, spritzed the fabric with spray starch, and ironed the edges over the cardboard.  I’ve done lots of projects using this method.  It’s especially good when there are lots of repeating shapes, like in my Whig Rose which you can see here:

The 100s of leaves and buds in that quilt were a snap to make with this spray starch method.

I think this project was shelved because the remaining blocks had so many unique pieces, the thought of cutting cardboard templates for a one-time use was daunting.  I moved on to other things.

I have since learned another method of prepping applique pieces that will make this quilt easier to complete.  I copy the pattern pieces from the book onto Avery label paper like this:

After cutting each piece out, it’s stuck onto the right side of the fabric piece.  I trim around the contact paper about 1/8″ and with soluble glue stick, I put a bit of glue on the edges of the back side of the piece I’m working on.  Then I use a wooden stylus (or any stick with a good point–bamboo skewer, cuticle stick) to turn and roll the edges of the fabric onto the sticky glue following the edges of the contact paper.  The glue holds the fabric in place when the contact paper is removed, and the edges are perfectly turned and ready to applique.  Because the glue is water-soluble, it will wash out once the quilt is washed.

Here is the hydrangea block I’ve been working on this week.  There are 120 little blooms of different sizes.

The next block I’m prepping is the one in the lower left corner of the book cover.  It’s almost ready to go.  I’ve been working on this while John watched the US Open this week.  I’m excited to have some handwork prepped and ready to take with me in the coming weeks!

Here’s the photo and the link to the pattern from Piece O’ Cake, now available digitally:

Stars in the Garden Digital Download

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