Re-arranging the Yard to Keep the Peace

We have a neighbor who does not want anything from our yard touching or falling into his yard, not a single leaf.  We’ve had to remove 5 or 6 trees, several bushes and a grape vine.  It’s been a sad job for us to make him happy and keep the peace.   We are looking for evergreens that grow up straight and tall and that will fill in nicely between our homes.

Our yard hasn’t looked this bare in years.  I hope in time it will fill out a bit and benefit from the heavy pruning.

This week we’ve also had our favorite tree guy come trim all the dead branches out of our big trees.  The Locust tree behind the Farm House is probably 100 years old.  We took some of the weight out of it so the old tree can hopefully support itself for many more years to come.

We’ve lived here for almost 30 years now.  Except for a few of the old trees around the Farm House, we planted everything in our yard.  It was bare dirt when we build our home.  These plants are like children to us.  We’ve nurtured them and watched them grow.  We’ve enjoyed their beauty through the seasons.  It’s been a bit painful lately making these changes to our yard, but we are trying to be good neighbors and keep the peace.  Who would’ve thought a tree, of all things, could be viewed with disrespect??

Update 8-10 Oct:

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