Golgotha and a Christmas Concert at the Augusta Victoria Church

This evening we went to the bus station near the Damascus Gate.  This station sits right below Golgotha, or place of a skull.  Here’s an old photo of what it looked like before the bus station was there:

This is the traditional site of the Crucifixion.

We found a bus going to the Mount of Olives near the Augusta Victoria Church (or the Himmelfahrtkirche), where we went for a free Christmas concert.

The church was beautiful and many from the German-speaking communities came this evening for this fun sing-along concert.  We loved being there, singing Christmas carols with others in German and English.

After the concert, we enjoyed refreshments and then wandered through the church, enjoying some fabulous artwork and a collection of old photos of the Old City.

This church is not far from the BYU Jerusalem Center.  It was a wonderful evening.

We came home to a fun Austrian dinner at the hospice–schnitzel, spaetzle and goulash soup.

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