The Tower of King David and Hanukkah Donuts

The Tower of David is right by the Jaffa Gate.  It stands on another pile of excavations that date back 2500 years.  Towers and citadels here have been demolished and rebuilt through the centuries.  Now there’s a really nice museum inside the tower that shows the history of Jerusalem through time.

There was once a moat around the side of this tower.

This is just inside the Jaffa Gate.

We went back outside the gate to go to a modern Jewish mall not too far away.  Claire remembered getting good Hanukkah donuts there when she was a student here.

We found the famous bakery and the delicious donuts!

We went back into the Old City through the New Gate in the Christian Quarter, where the Christmas Markets were held.  The vendors have gone, but we saw what remains.

Happy day after Christmas, all!

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