The Excavations at Magdala and the Chapel

We returned this morning with the group in the daylight and had a proper tour of the excavations here at Magdala.  They’ve uncovered much of this little village, including a marketplace, villas and mikvo’ats, housing areas, fishermen’s work areas, a warehouse and a wharf.  All of this is just a short walk from the water’s edge.

A ritual bath (mikva’ot) filled by recent rains:

We also returned to the chapel with the group.  Here are the women pictured in the Women’s Atrium:

Now, in the daylight, you can see how beautifully this pulpit boat is situated with the See of Galilee out the window.  The boat rests on green marble that looks like water and a small infinity pool is outside behind the glass.

We spent some time here in the chapel, visiting the different rooms, reading about the accounts depicted in the mosaics.  What a lovely place.  The docents watching over this place are volunteers who come from all over the world, just to be here.

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