A Documentary About Zambia and Swiss Friends

This afternoon we got a call from our friend, Katharina Odavic, in Switzerland. Her daughter, Cornelia and husband Freddie are in town and we were invited to go to SLC tonight for a special showing of Cornelia’s film about Zambia. A documentary she’s been filming there for the last 5-6 years.

The showing was at the Church Office Building and all of the General Board members were invited, so we got to see many of our friends from our Israel trip.  It was great, and the film took us back to a land we love.  I will always be grateful for the Africa in my heart.  It changes my life here, every day.

Afterwards we had dinner with Freddie and Cornelia and learned more about their NGO and work in Zambia.  They are good people doing good things to help others.

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