Indian Wells Tennis 2023

The day after returning home from babysitting the kids in St Louis, we drove to California for the Indian Wells tennis tournament.  This is John’s HEAVEN.  I filled the car with my sewing machine and quilt projects to make it my heaven too!

John planned a 10-day stay here (March 8-19), filled with tennis every day.  I took plenty of stitching so keep me busy during the matches that started in the morning and lasted into the late nights.

I stitched my fingers to the bone.

After sitting through 11 hours of tennis our first full day, I told John, that was maybe a little much for me.  I can do 3-4 hours, but not 11-12.

The view from our room at night:

GRATEFULLY, I got a really bad head cold and had to stay in for a few days.  My heaven began.  I set up my machine and sewed while John spent his days at the tennis center watching balls go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

I joined him a few times during the next week, once we met up with Dan and Betty Jo Lewis from the Abidjan West Mission.  That was fun.

I know you’re all dying to see my quilt projects.  Or I could show you some replays of the tennis–which do you prefer??

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