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I will admit I have more than just a fabric weakness.  I also have a book weakness.  It can be quite serious at times.  I know where to buy books, deeply discounted (kidsbooks.com) and shopping on Amazon can make deliveries easy.  I try to send some books to the kids every month or so.

When I saw  how many books the kids have I resolved to back off a bit and send fewer.  Then when I watched them WANTING to read EVERY DAY, EVERY HOUR, I changed my mind.  Their mom, Heidi has been a fantastic book-reading mom to these kids.  They have 100s of books and they know every one.  They have their favorites, they have books memorized.  They are absorbing all kinds of goodness and I am thrilled about that.  I quickly decided not to stop lavishing them with more.  Books have been a huge blessing in their home.  I also had a mother who read to me and filled our home with books.  I know the good that comes because of that.

Every day, I brought a new stack of books up from the shelves in the basement and rotated others down.  We read and we read and we read.  It was heaven.

These are their bookshelves downstairs, easy to reach, easy to see:

And these are their books:

I decided to take pictures of some of the books I most enjoyed reading with the kids.  (Not including all of the Disney and Princess books).  These are just a few great children’s books I highly recommend.  Each one has a great story, great illustrations, and gives you plenty to talk about:


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