A Quilt Box for my Josie Girl!

A couple of weeks ago I sorted and cut some scraps for Josie.  I pulled fabrics from the bits and pieces leftover after making all those pillowcases last summer, so many of these fabrics are ones she’s lived with and loved.  I added other pieces she’ll recognize from quilts I’ve given her family.

I found a sturdy box (the last one she had got crushed by the kids) and I included this note:  “Dear Josie, This is your new Quilt Box!  I filled it with lots of pieces you can make quilts with.  You can sort them by color or size or shape.  You can pick your favorites.  You can put them on the papers to make quilts.  Then you can send me pictures.  I love you so much!  GrAnn.”

Then I mailed the box off to St Louis!

Today Josie’s mom, Heidi, sent me these delightful videos of Josie as she discovered what I’d sent.  These videos and pictures are priceless to me.

Those flamingos were the very first pillowcase I ever made for Josie.  Margot is also finding fabrics she recognizes.

I put some blank sheets of paper in the bottom of the box.  She uses these to lay her quilt pieces out on, making one quilt after the next.  Oh How Fun!!

These girls are the next generation of fabric lovers in my family.  I hope they fully embrace the love that comes with every little piece.

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