Finishing Up Some Quilts

There are 2 weekends every year that I look forward to more than any other.  Every April and October we get to hear counsel from our church leaders, who speak to people all over the world.  We call it General Conference and it’s a time to fill our hearts and souls.

I like to have a few quilts prepped before General Conference, so I can keep my hands busy while I listen.  It helps me focus and listen better when my hands are stitching.  This time I had 5 quilts ready to bind and I almost finished all of them!

I started with the 2 Off the Rail quilts.  Here’s the pattern:  These are fun picnic quilts for the kids.  They were quick and easy to make.  Aaron asked, as he watched me at work, “Do we have to have kids to get one of those quilts??”  I told him, “no, you just have to appreciate them!”

I had fun using up the leftovers on the backs of these two quilts.

Next I bound the 2 Valentine’s quilts made from charm packs, set on point.  These only take a couple of hours to make.  Here’s a fun tutorial by Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Co. showing a very easy way to make them:

The 5th quilt I worked on binding was my Christmas Tree Quilt (the pattern is called Plaid Pines by Lori Holt).  It’s just about finished.

While I listened at home, John was able to get tickets for two of our friends who came down from BYUI this weekend, Yordanos from Ethiopia and Jonathan from the Congo.  Jonathan’s parents were our Mission Leaders in Abidjan and they are also in town.  They’ll be staying with us after Conference for a few days.

Here’s another quilt I finished in January and didn’t report.  It’s called a Snowball pattern, made with Civil War fabrics.  I started this one about 15 years ago, and finally finished it.     

How is it that something as simple as fabric makes me So Very Happy??

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