On Writing–When I’m Behind

I’ve been trying hard to bring myself up to date here, on Ann’s Words.  When I’m behind my world is not right and I find myself fighting hard to hang on to memories.  When I’m behind, there is always something in me that can’t relax.

I’m noticing that catching up feels a bit like marching through memories, rather than processing them as I go (which helps me learn and live deliberately).  When I’m behind, I miss opportunities to write about thoughtful insights or observations in the present, as they happen or come to me.  That is my favorite kind of writing.

Thanks to those of you who hang in there with me, still interested.  I know your lives are busy and this place is just one more place.  Thank you for coming here–I know you don’t have to.  For me, it’s Preservation, which is essential to my soul.  These are my Remains, the words that will outlive me as I continue Writing my Fingers to the Bone.

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