The Binenes Meet Snow and Record Some History

Yesterday morning when we woke, our world was WHITE.  The snow just keeps coming!  They say our mountains have more than 800″ of snowpack this year.  It’s incredible.  But it’s even MORE INCREDIBLE if you are visiting from Africa!!  We took Pres & Sis Binene out on our front porch to have a look.  They’ve never seen anything like this.  They were as giddy as little children on Christmas morning!

That wasn’t the only excitement we had yesterday.  We had a film crew come to film more of the story of the Church in the Congo.  John and I collected and recorded Pres Binene’s story while we were in Abidjan.  (More about that here:  This time they wanted to hear more from Sis Binene and fill in a few more parts of the story.  Their words will be used in the book Saints, a history of the LDS Church, and in a documentary the Interpreter Foundation is producing about the Congo.

I always have a Really Good feeling when history is gathered, collected and preserved.  It was fun to be a part of this important piece of the history of the Church in Africa.

We topped off our day with an All-American meal at In N Out Burgers and some shopping at a local D.I. (thrift store).

This morning we said Adieu to our dear friends, until we meet again.  They’re on their way home, to a land of sun and warmth and beautiful Saints.  We wish we could be more than one place at once.

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