Our First Weekend in Newport 2023

Our first days in Newport Beach, Claire, Graham and Aaron were with us.  One of my favorite memories is going out to dinner in Laguna Beach at a restaurant called Mozambique that served South African food.  Before our dinner reservation, we walked through some lovely residential streets, enjoying the beautiful yards and landscaping.  I found a loquat tree and introduced the kids to this fruit that I grew up with.  Grandma had a loquat tree in her yard and we loved the fruit all summer long, sweet and juicy with such beautiful big brown slimy seeds that were fun to suck on.

We ordered several dishes so everyone could try a bit of each:  Indian Samoosas, Durban lamb curry, chicken peri-peri, and boerwors with fried onions and tomatoes with mashed potatoes (not miele pap). The kids loved it all. It was really really good and fun. Something new for them, something very nostalgic for me.

Sunday after church we took a walk along the beach.

And we walked through some of our favorite neighborhoods, wondering who lives here??  I was thinking about mansions in heaven.  Some of these might qualify.  Then I think about mud huts in Mali, and think I might be more comfortable there.   I wish things in this world were more equitable.  It sometimes makes my heart hurt.

Today we also tuned into our home Stonewood 4th Ward because a new Bishopric was sustained by our neighbors there.  Dallin Anderson is our new Bishop, with Kyley Jex and Mike Pelo as his counselors.  That was exciting!  They will be fantastic.

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