Vacation Food!

Food is a Big Part of our family vacation experiences.  Here are a few things we brought with us, often the same kinds of things from year to year:  cold cereal, chips, PB&J, beach snacks for the kids, candy for John.

We eat out most nights when we’re here.  We stop at Costco and shop at the local grocery store called Pavilions, buying things like fresh produce to make Salsa Sorta, steaks to grill for Sundays, ice cream and root beer for RBFs (root beer floats), popsicles, lots of milk and eggs and English muffins for breakfast sandwiches, local artichokes when they are in season, lunch meat, cheese and crackers, cottage cheese and fruit.  We also buy lots of fresh daily donuts!

Food keeps everyone happy.  The kids spend considerable time planning where to eat out and making reservations.  They make spreadsheets and Aaron made a Qualtrics survey for everyone to enter every meal (and pics) so we will remember what we liked and didn’t like from year to year.  This is how our data-driven kids’ minds work.

Eating experiences will change a bit when Heidi and the grandkids arrive in a few days.  We try to make it a little easier on her.  Four kids 6 and under make restaurant eating fun!

Our favorite restaurants are Bandera’s, Nick’s, South of Nick’s, Bear Flag Taco, Chronic Tacos, Summer House, Rose’s Bakery, Acai Bowls, The Beach  Comber at Crystal Cove, Ruby’s Diner, and ice cream cones at Rite Aid.  And donuts, lots of donuts!

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