How we are preparing to depart

John and I go about preparing to leave in very different ways.  He’s been working all day every day in the yard, (granted we did have another wedding reception here last weekend).  He’s gotten every weed out, trimmed every bush, transplanted every overgrown plant.  He planted 1,960 Vinca plants in the mowstrip in front of the Farm House this last month.  Yesterday he replaced some bushes that died with these new Boxwood shrubs so they grow up while we’re away.  His thoughts and energies have been in the yard and in cleaning the garage.

In the meantime, I’ve been stewing about what projects to take to Germany for months.  How much time will I have in the evenings to work on my things?  How much hand work and sewing should I take?  What books are my highest priorities?  Which can be found in my devices?  Which of my Germany language texts will be most helpful?  Then I stew about clothing–clothes for winter, clothes for summer, clothes for the office, clothes for travel, clothes for special events.  I worry about fitting my stuff into 2 suitcases.

Here’s an excerpt from my journal yesterday:

2:39 p.m.  It’s so interesting to me that John doesn’t worry about taking ANYTHING except his few clothes and his laptop.  I’ve spent months agonizing over projects–applique and handwork, books to take and read, documents that need to be typed (I have a 4″pile of them), histories that I need to write like Dad’s.  My own Encyclopedia to gather, write and organize.  Little items for living, meds, vitamins & supplements, a few favorite spices and more.  It’s taken me weeks to get everything ready.  It doesn’t occur to John to take something to do there.  He’ll work and he’ll watch tennis.  That’s his life.  So easy.  I feel very complicated next to him.

This week I finished  prepping the last of my applique projects–the flags that will go in a project I’m working on now.

This is a quilt I’ve been working on for many years.  I’m taking the last 3 or 4 blocks to finish appliqueing and then I’ll go to work on the borders.  The bazillion leaves are all cut, turned and pressed, ready to go, along with the vine and berries.

It’s taken me weeks to prep and prepare just the right projects to take.  Here’s what it’s boiled down to–here are the sewing projects I’ll be taking:

John, on the other hand, has cleaned his office and his workshop.  The yard is ready to grow without him.  And he’s really helping empty the cupboards in the kitchen.

He’s worked his way through this whole tub of fudge from a neighbor and is finishing the last of the stale Peeps (he prefers them old and dry).

Yes, we do things, each in our own ways, but that keeps our lives interesting.  I packed my suitcases today to make sure everything would fit.  I filled each to 50 lbs.  My carry-on is full of books and stitching.  John will carefully pack his suits and shirts this weekend.  I’ll bet his stuff will fit in one suitcase.  I’ll be grateful to add any overflow I have to his.

By the time we go, the Peeps will be gone, my sewing room will be quiet, and the yard will look fantastic.  We have 3 more days.

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