I lost my voice

A few days ago, after a particularly strenuously week, with back to back to back events, I went to bed exhausted, feeling a bit chilled with a turn in the weather.  I woke the next morning feeling like I’d been hit by a train.  My voice was gone.  My lungs were congested.  My body ached.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  I could hardly move.  For the last three days, I’ve been grounded.  I managed to keep a couple appointments and do one DfG event at BYU, but other than that, I’ve been out of commission.

I’ve spent some time just sitting, doing absolutely nothing.  I could hardly even think clearly. I felt exhausted, and it occurred to me that there are many around me who suffer with conditions where they just don’t feel well.  I felt more empathy and understanding as I considered what it must be like to suffer with depression or health issues.  My own mother struggled sometimes.  It’s hard to understand when you never feel that way.

Tonight my voice is back and I’m up off the couch.  My life is coming back to me and I am so very grateful for health and strength.  Maybe this week was just a little reminder not to take those blessings for granted.

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