Utah Days for Girls March/April News!

2015-2-26 Guatemala 20 March has flown by, and now we’re well into April, with more than 50 events during these two months. Sometimes I feel like we don’t even have time to record all the miracles as they are happening! This is an amazing work. It’s fun, invigorating and rewarding. We meet the finest people at our events. You come to help, not even knowing the names or faces of those who will receive the kits you are making. Still you come, you help, you serve, you give, you share, and you change lives. Thank you! (Pictured above:  Debbie Young distributing kits in Guatemala.)


Let’s start with some of the amazing miracles unfolding around us during the last few weeks. On March 28th we had 2 large Stake events in American Fork and in Highland. Both events were amazing, with 100s of women attending. Cultural halls and classrooms were filled with women, young women and achievement day girls who came together to help. Both stakes produced village loads of goodness. We brought home FIVE carloads of kits, parts and pieces! Pictured below:  American Fork Hillcrest Stake:2015-3-28 American Fork Hillcrest Stake (61) 2015-3-28 American Fork Hillcrest Stake (66)And here below is the Highland Central Stake Event:2015-3-28 Highland Central Stake   (5) 2015-3-28 Highland Central Stake   (14) 2015-3-28 Highland Central Stake   (32) 2015-3-28 Highland Central Stake   (49)

Last month in New York City, the United Nations met. We had a nice group of women from Utah who attended those meetings, interested in standing for Family and goodness. One of those women was Ann Takasaki, who helped host a DfG event in her Spanish Fork ward a few weeks ago. Some of the very first visitors she met there were Naomi Nyagarama, the First Lady of Nyamira County in Kenya and her husband’s Chief of Staff, Kennedy Ongaga. Naomi and Kennedy came to the meetings looking for solutions to the 2 main problems her people are facing right now: lack of feminine hygiene products for girls who aren’t able to stay in school and how to help children who suffer from chigger bites, which also causes them to miss school.

2015-2-3 Spanish Fork Crosswinds 2nd Ward (1)
Ann Takasaki was the right person for Naomi to sit next to! Ann told Naomi all about Days for Girls, and during the 2 weeks they visited and became good friends. Ann helped arrange for Naomi and Kennedy to fly to Utah to learn about Days for Girls. They arrived on Saturday morning, the 28th of March, right during our huge Stake events. Ann brought them straight from the airport to the American Fork Event, where they were greeted by the Stake President, the Relief Society leaders, and Elder Craig Terry. We welcomed them by singing a capella, “As Sisters in Zion.” They were moved as we sang:

As sisters in Zion, we’ll all work together;
The blessings of God on our labors we’ll seek.
We’ll build up his kingdom with earnest endeavor;
We’ll comfort the weary and strengthen the weak.

The errand of angels is given to women;
And this is a gift that, as sisters, we claim:
To do whatsoever is gentle and human,
To cheer and to bless in humanity’s name.

How vast is our purpose, how broad is our mission,
If we but fulfill it in spirit and deed.
Oh, naught but the Spirit’s divinest tuition
Can give us the wisdom to truly succeed.

Text: Emily H. Woodmansee, 1836-1906
Music: Janice Kapp Perry, b. 1938. (c) 1985 IRI 2015-3-28 American Fork Hillcrest Stake (83)As Naomi and Kennedy looked out at the hundreds of women happily working, they asked, “Why have all these women come on a Saturday morning? How much are you paying them to sew? Why are they doing this?” We explained that we do this because we love to help others. We are not being paid. We want to share.

Naomi showed us the feminine hygiene pads she’s been making for her girls, as she is so anxious that they stay in school and receive educations. She was thrilled to see the DfG patterns and how we make our kits. She took lots of photos and samples and is eager to start making DfG kits in her province in Kenya.2015-3-28 American Fork Hillcrest Stake (97) 2015-3-28 American Fork Hillcrest Stake (93)On Sunday, Ann took her guests to Temple Square and the Choir Broadcast. They loved being there. On Monday we met in Springville to talk about DfG. We presented Naomi and Kennedy with a snap machine and enough kits to top off their luggage. This week we received word from Naomi that she’s arranged for a truck to come to Utah to pick up more kits and sewing machines for her people in Kenya. Their government will provide the transport for a container. We are hoping to send 1000 kits and as many sewing machines and supplies as we are able to afford. What a wonderful opportunity! We are grateful we have kits available, thanks to your hard work! The truck will be filled the last week of April.

Switzerland and Nepal
Here is an email I received this month from Katharina Odavic, a dear friend:

While waiting for our mission call in Switzerland I had an impressive dream one night: I was in Nepal—a country I had no ties to whatsoever, but knew that’s where I was—and looked at a large barred window through which many beautiful dark eyes looked at me begging silently for help. However, we were called to serve in my husband’s country of Austria. Only days after returning from our mission in 2005 I read in a local newspaper about a small, private Swiss organization that helped poor children, many of them orphans, in Nepal, by providing them with a home, nourishment and an education. “There are no coincidences,” I thought and became the “Godmother” of five lovely Nepalese girls. I chose girls because they are underprivileged there, like in many countries of the world. Later on the brother of one of them joined my little Nepalese family.

Only 8 years later I found out that the woman who started this organization had been my best friend in elementary school, with whom I had had no contact in 50 years. In 2006 my husband and I visited Utah, generously invited by John and Ann Lewis to stay in their home. John had served a mission in our small Swiss branch in 1974 and through his yearly Christmas letters we had never quite lost contact. I knew his beautiful wife was always “anxiously engaged in a good cause” from serving four years in humanitarian help in Africa to making beautiful quilts to burying herself in family history work. All beside bringing up their three children.

For some unknown reason my husband and I felt impressed to buy a home in Alpine, and since then we have had the privilege to live in two worlds, so to speak, making many wonderful friends here.

I was not surprised when Ann told me about a new passion. “What is it this time?” I wondered, never having heard of “Days for Girls.” I soon learned what this inspired program is about, and I was so thrilled. I told my daughter in Switzerland, who is the Relief Society President of the St. Gallen Stake, about it.

She immediately recognized the potential of how much good could be done here and this coming June about 150 sisters in our stake are going to work for a day making female hygiene kits which I will take to Nepal in fall. Kim Wu, my new “Days for Girls- Friend” wants to join me on this trip. Not only this: The girls in our Kathmandu home can use sewing machines that have been given by their Swiss sponsors, and we will teach them to make kits themselves, which they can then take to the poor, remote villages they come from. Some of them are being trained as nurses and teachers, and they will be able to further instruct their sisters and friends.

So my husband and I will return to Switzerland after General Conference heavily laden with fabrics (so much cheaper here!), snap machines and whatever it takes to lighten the burden of some our Heavenly Father’s daughters. There are no coincidences! Katharina Odavic 2015-4-6 Kit Supplies to SwitzerlandThank you Katharina and all the sisters in Switzerland, who are ready to go to work helping the beautiful girls waiting in Nepal. Thanks also, to Kim Wu, who helped Katharina purchase many of the tools she’ll need (rotary cutters, mats, rulers, etc.). Lisa Barton from our South Jordan Chapter made template rulers for her to take with her. We will help in any way we can and look forward to reports from St. Gallen Stake!

Sam Atoa is the Coach of the UVU Women’s Volleyball Team. Last year he and his wife, Lori, attended one of our DfG Events in their Orem ward. They loved learning about DfG and the work we are doing. Sam arranges every year for a container of humanitarian supplies to be shipped to Samoa, then the women volleyball players are invited to go to help distribute when the container arrives in the summer. This year Sam approached us, wondering if we could send a few kits to the girls of Samoa. He told me even the college girls in Samoa need kits. I said Absolutely!

On February 21st students at BYU assembled 800 kits! When Utah Valley University found out about that, they told me, “We want to assemble 1000 kits in April!” Very quickly, UVU joined our Days for Girls team. On March 12th, the Women’s Success Center honored Days for Girls at their huge gala event, focused on helping women internationally.

Rainmaker Award at Utah Valley University!

Then in April, we helped with a 2-week long event at the Volunteer Center on campus, which culminated in a kit assembly day on April 1st. UVU Students and friends assembled 541 kits that day! These kits were taken directly to the Samoa container on campus and packed along with 290 we had already provided, to make 830 kits total! We also sent enough supplies for the women of Samoa to sew more than 500 more kits. We sent more than 400 pair of underwear, 720 shield sandwiches, 540 pieces of cut PUL, 534 yards of flannel, a snap machine and drawstrings. This will be a huge blessing to the women and students of Samoa. 2015-4-1 UVU Kit Assembly 4 2015-4-1 UVU Kit Assembly 3 2015-4-1 UVU Kit Assembly 2     2015-4-1 UVU Kit Assembly

The Sam Atoa family pictured below with some of the kits going to Samoa:2015-3-30 Kits going to Samoa, Atoa Family (2)

Grace Ogwuche, our dear friend from Nigeria is preparing to return home, where she will teach her group of 150 widows how to make Days for Girls kits. Grace is amazing. Yes, we call her “Amazing Grace!” We sent 100 kits to Grace’s daughter, Mercy, who lives in Maryland this month. These will be shipped by crate to Nigeria–our first kits to go there. We’ve also given Grace a snap machine and snaps. She’s confident she can teach local tailors and friends to instruct her friends how to make kits. This is going to be fun.2015-3-12 Rainmaker Award UVU (27) 2015-3-3 Grace Nigeria (1)

Grace has another daughter in Salt Lake named Gloria Mensah, who is the Executive Directory of the GKFolks Foundation which sponsors the Miss Africa Utah Pageant every year. You’ll remember the pageant princesses attended our city-wide Kaysville DfG Event January 31st. These beautiful princesses learned about Days for Girls and how they might return to their countries armed with this knowledge. The Princess from Rwanda will be returning home next month. She’d like to take 3 sewing machines and as many kits as she has room for. The good continues to spread. Thank you, Gloria, for all you do to bless the women of Africa!

Here is a report from Debbie Young:
In March we distributed 250 kits to girls and some of their mothers in little school rooms in the Polochic Valley of Guatemala. The village midwife and our translator, Vilma, was over-joyed at the gift you gave the girls! As Vilma and I taught together, right in the middle of the discussion about the cycle, a little woman, standing about 4 feet tall stood up and gave a passionate speech punching her fist in the air as she said, “Why haven’t we known this before? This has been very hard on us trying to cook, make fires, work in the fields and take care of our children without any way to collect the blood! Then pointing to the diagram of the menstrual cycle shown on the opposite side of the paper she held, she declared,  “I wish I had known this 8 babies ago!” My heart went out to this sweet little woman doing the best she could, with what she had been given, like so many other women around the world!2015-2-26 Guatemala mothers Then we learned something equally as profound from the village leaders when they showed us the school roles which indicated there were 135 boys and only 26 girls enrolled in school. They thanked us for bringing the kits saying that girls hadn’t been educated for generations because there was a lack of feminine hygiene pads. They thanked us for teaching the girls and their mothers in a classroom where they felt comfortable asking questions, laughing, and learning life-changing information. The leaders felt that the girls and women would be more likely to change the pattern of not attending school for generations because of this positive experience. They felt that now, not only would the girls feel confident going to school during their periods, but their mothers would allow them to go as well!

2015-2-26 Guatemala 01 2015-2-26 Guatemala 16 2015-2-26 Guatemala 052015-2-26 Guatemala 18 2015-2-26 Guatemala 20What a profound gift you have all provided for these girls and others like them around the globe! These kits are truly allowing the trajectory of women and girls to change for the good! Thank you for all of your efforts sewing, washing, hauling, and mentoring others–together we can do unimaginable good in the world!

You can watch a video of their appreciation here:
Debbie Young

Becky Cushing and her husband are currently serving as LDS Missionaries in the Philippines. Becky took supplies with her when she left from here a few months ago. Kim Wu helped write a grant to the WERI Foundation with a proposal to make 50 kits and establish a sewing center there which will include one sewing machine, one serger, tools and all the supplies needed for the kits. We are grateful to the WERI Foundation for their kindness in making this dream happen.

Jasmine Borla, Kim Wu’s niece, was able to take 11 kits to Bangladesh, which were delivered to a remote village there. The women Loved the kits and wish they had more.
Thank you, Jasmine!

2015-3-6 Jasmine Borla Bangladesh 01  2015-3-12 Kits in Bangladesh 3

Cameroon Anne Dimond and her husband are serving a mission in the Cameroon.  They were able to return home for a wedding last month and we filled a large bag with flannel for them to take back.  They are teaching the young women there to make their own kits! 2015-3-6 Dimonds to Cameroon (2)

Our own DfG Leader, Julie Treadwell from Fruit Heights spent 2 weeks with DfG Teams in Uganda and Kenya.  We are eagerly waiting for her report!  Stay tuned!

Diana Bingham, with Engage Now Africa has recently delivered 150 kits to Ethiopia and plans to take another 250 more in June. She’s excited for their annual expedition and an opportunity to hold a hygiene class in the village where these kits will go. Thank you, Diana!
2015-4-14 Diana Bingham Engage Now Africa

Utah Highlights
Please take a look at our Days for Girls Utah Facebook site for 1000s of photos taken at all of the events around town the last two months.  You will find your smiling faces there.  If you click on Photos, then look at Albums, you will find your event.  Please tag yourselves and your friends to help spread awareness!  We love seeing the joy you bring to these events.

BYU and Nursing Interns
On February 21st, BYU Students assembled 800 kits in the Wilkinson Center! Adam and Claire Lewis rallied 100s of students and classmates from many health-related departments to come on a Saturday and help. Many of the kits assembled will be distributed by BYU interns going to Ecuador, Samoa and Tonga this summer. Here are a few photos from that fun activity:    2015-2-21 BYU DfG Event (103) 2015-2-21 BYU DfG Event (74) 2015-2-21 BYU DfG Event (73) 2015-2-21 BYU DfG Event (65)2015-2-21 BYU DfG Event (125)2015-2-21 BYU DfG Event (145)

Here are more kits delivered to the BYU Interns this week:
2015-4-6 Kits to BYU Interns (2)

American Fork Humanitarian Center
This month I met with Michelle Ashby from the American Fork Humanitarian Center. Every month we share a carload of goods with this center. If we receive donations that aren’t best suited for DfG, we pass them on. This month Michelle told us of some immediate needs they have and ways we can help. Right now, they are working with the FLDS women and children who have chosen to relocate.  We can help.

From Michelle: This is what I know so far:
The men of the FLDS church haven’t paid taxes on any of their property for years. The government made a deal with them to pay $100 a month and they could stay. The women paid the money to the men of the church and the men didn’t give it to the government. There are 5000+ women and children living in a warehouse. 2 bathrooms and some sort of “kitchen” are all they have to cook food. 350 new people moved in this past week. They have left the FLDS church and are trying to transition into the “real” world. They have cut their hair and changed their clothes. They are in need of so many things. #1-Clothing, shoes, coats and jackets. Allsizes (red is a sacred color-they don’t wear it.) #2-Food…canned, boxed, bagged….noodles, rice, crackers, pretzles, canned soup, veggies and fruit. Ramen noodles and mac-n-cheese is what they have requested. #3-Misc. items including soap, shampoo, baby wipes, blankets, sheets, toys, household items and cleaning supplies. #4 Last but not least…PRAYERS! It was great getting to meet with you. You have inspired me to do more.
Thank You so much! Michelle Ashby 801-766-6646

BYU Women’s Conference Sharing Stations Thursday 30 April
Come to our Days for Girls booth at BYU! What a great place to spread the word! The best news is that our information will be included online for any who are interested.

http://ce.byu.edu/cw/womensconference/sharingStations.php 138/144 Richards Building Thursday, April 30, 2015 Noon–3:00 p.m. and 5:00–8:00 p.m.

Come discover the hidden gem of BYU Women’s Conference! The Sharing Stations are our annual idea fair created to provide resources for service. These wonderful sharing stations (booths) can truly teach us how we can be involved in service. Your lives will be enriched and blessed as you visit with our sweet and friendly exhibitors who have created over 60 booths filled with wonderful ideas to reach out to those in need.

The booths will be open on Thursday, April 30 from noon–3:00 p.m. and again from 5:00–8:00 p.m. Sharing Station handouts are not available at the conference, but each of the Sharing Stations’ ideas live on through our website. Be sure to visit the Virtual Sharing Stations and download handouts from each exhibit. The handouts feature lists, quotes, patterns, pictures, charts, instructions, diagrams, suggested activities and other ideas. The Sharing Stations are a valuable resource for learning and serving.

American Fork Group Sews for Zimbabwe
We have been joined by another wonderful humanitarian group in American Fork.  This groups meets every Monday from 9:00 to 12:30 at 260 South Center in AF.   Thanks to Marsha Skidmore and her ladies who have set a goal to make 1000+ kits for the containers going to Zimbabwe next fall. We are thrilled for your kindness and the service you provide every week.  Welcome to our DfG Fun!2015-4-13 AF Humanitarian

Thank you to Local Quilt Shops and Fabric Stores
We are grateful to our local fabric stores. We have good friends who help in many ways. Fabric is what keeps us moving forward.  We LOVE and appreciate our extraordinary quilt shops: American Quilting in Orem, Just Sew in Alpine, Lizzie & Floyd’s in West Jordan, Morgansons in Payson, Harmony in Provo.  Thanks also to JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Fabric Mill, Home Fabrics and many others.

Most of these shops have kits you can pick-up and drop-off. If you know of other shops who would like to help, please let us know. We Appreciate our friends and shop owners. They help us keep the fabric flowing!

We also are thrilled to be working with Dennis Frederick at All Together Enterprises in Sandy.  He is kind and good and has helped us get all the PUL we need.

Our Area Leaders
Debbie Young, Lindon youngfamilymail@gmail.com 801 376-2368
Ann Lewis, Orem annlewis@byu.net 801 376-3417
Melissa Clark, Springville dfgutah.lissa@gmail.com 801 372-8660
Diana Allred, Orem dfgutah.diana@gmail.com 801 592-8399
Carol Sainsbury, Logan carol.sainsbury@usu.edu 435 760-2498
Gloria Rudd, Tremonton
Alissa and Julie Denning, Centerville
Rosemarie Deppe and Janette Pack, Centerville North
Julie Treadwell, Fruit Heights/Kaysville jultreadwell@hotmail.com 801 682-6252
Heather Maxwell, Bountiful h.maxwell.home@gmail.com 801 891-2829
Peggy Showalter, Bountiful showfam@gmail.com
Betsy Oborn, Bountiful dboborn@q.com
Susan Westergard, Farr West susanwestergard540@gmail.com
KayDee Clark, Lewiston
Barbara Ostler and Christina Gates, Monument Park
Kylie Peterson, Ogden
Kim Wu, West Jordan wukwukwuk@yahoo.com 801 568-1636
Vicki Platt, West Jordan
Marjorie Conder, Murray mdconder@aol.com 801 225-7621
Sheri Caldwell, Cottonwood Heights brightonkiya@hotmail.com 801 943-3720
Lisa Barton, South Jordan bkldbarton@icloud.com 801 755-0828
Karen Bybee, South Jordan kbbybee@comcast.net
Danene Torgersen, Draper danenetorgerson@yahoo.com 801-673-0225
Linda Olson, Orem imakwmn@gmail.com 801 221-8287
Jeannie Burnham, North Orem theburnhambunch@yahoo.com 801 225-7321
Marsha Livingstone, Provo deadrok@gmail.com 801 375-3753
Sondra and Sharon Hudgens, Provo
Lois Knuteson, Payson lknuteson5@gmail.com 801 465-3703
Deanna Hansen, Payson hanshouse@hotmail.com 801 362-6518
Christine Chappell, Heber jacobandchristinechappell@msn.com 435 671-3452
Julie Muhlstein, Saratoga Springs jcm1974@netzero.com 801 789-5973
Heather Kuntz, Saratoga Springs heather.kuntz@gmail.com 801 361-6414
Nicole Larsen, Saratoga Springs nicolelars@gmail.com
Tess and Kayana Morgan, Santaquin
Angi Holt, St. George angiholt@gmail.com 435 229-5831
Barbara Prestwich, St. George Area barbprestwichart@gmail.com 435 463-2258
Barbara Tenney, St. George barbt6sq@yahoo.com 435 705-8650
Margene Holt, Enterprise margeneholt@yahoo.com
Jan Holt Larsen, Enterprise jlarson@infowest.com  435 632-0720
Nena Caldwell, Vernal nena@bnads.com 435 789-5680
Marie Bergeson, Tempe, AZ mlbergeson@cox.net 602 402-1761
Carol Turley, Los Angeles, CA cturley@aol.com 310 916-6075

Important to Know
There have been some changes and new developments in the DFGI world.  You’ll want to take note of these:

Two Pair of Undies per Kit
Starting last month DFGI has requested that we include 2 pair of underwear in each kit. This is great news and will allow the girls to wash and wear as needed. Keep your eyes open for good deals on underwear. We need girls, sizes 10, 12, and 14. No bikinis.

T&T (Turn & Topstich) Liners phasing out
Another big announcement came last month–the octagon shaped liners are being discontinued. This means we all need to make friends with women who have sergers! And if YOU have a serger, We NEED your services! Please come join us.

Here is the link to all the patterns and instructions: http://www.daysforgirls.org/#!days-for-girls-patterns-and-instructions/cz7w

Marshalls Dry Goods Solid Flannels
Randy Tipton at Marshall Dry Goods is our Man. If you are looking for a great price for solid colored flannel, call Randy. Our favorite colors are Burgundy, Red, Hot Pink, Purple and Brown. The solid flannel is $1.80/yard and comes in 20-yard bolts. You must ask for Randy and tell him you are with Days for Girls. His number is: 501 230-1992.

Link to Flat Fold Bundles
These are bundles of 17 six-yard pieces of 100% cotton prints. Take a look at our favorites: Flower Power, Lucky Medallion and Happy: http://www.marshalldrygoodswholesale.com/product-category/marshall-dry-goods-flat-folds/
Again, ask for Randy Tipton and he will help you with your order.

Girls Camps
Many of you have been preparing for Girls Camps this summer. We are grateful for your help. Melissa Clark is our Camp Specialist. You can reach her at 801 372-8660. There are many ways our girls at camp can help girls their own ages in other countries. There are important things you need to do to prepare your girls and their projects Before camp. If you haven’t started yet, please don’t wait any longer!

Registering to be a Team or Chapter
Thanks to all of you who are creating teams and chapters around our valleys. We sure appreciate your efforts. Consider it like a book club with a few friends. Do what is comfortable for you to do. Invite others to help and join you. Keep it manageable. Share the joy! Here is the information you’ll need if you want to form a new team or chapter:


Utah Valley University Rainmaker Award, 12 March 2015
On March 12th, the Women’s Success Center at UVU held a gala celebration honoring work done for women internationally.  Days for Girls was highlighted in this award ceremony.  This speaks highly of all the work everyone has been involved in during the last two years.  Thank you, each of you, for your part.

IMG_7647      2015-3-12 Rainmaker Award UVU (18)2015-3-12 Rainmaker Award UVU (5) Here is a link to the program at UVU last month. If you zip ahead about 30 minutes or so, you’ll get to hear the Days for Girls story.

Please feel free to share this link with others who want to learn more about what we do and why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6Nr5U8n07Y

International Women’s Day was such a great night. Thank you again for the time you spent inspiring us all. I talked to Jane Haws today at church. She is such a great lady! Always finding ways to serve. I am excited that my ward is taking what they learned from International Women’s Day to the rest of our ward. I can’t believe that we are doing it and doing it so well. We have passed out hundreds of flyers for our April 1st service day. Getting excited to have DFG on campus again. There is a buzz on Campus and it is lasting. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!
I hope to see you soon.
Tera Prestwich

Video Slide Show of Girls Getting Kits
Tera Prestwich from UVU put together a slide show of photos of girls receiving kits from Utah. You will probably recognize some of the fabrics you’ve worked on! You can use the link below to show at your events if you like.

Here is the video I put together for you. It will play for 30 minutes in your background during your speech. I am so lucky to have met you. We are buzzing here at UVU and getting way excited!
Lots of love, Tera

Bracelets from Mali!
We have received a large shipment of beautiful bead bracelets from the markets in Mali. These bracelets are available at many of our events. For a $1.00 donation, to help buy a pair of underwear, you are welcome to take a bracelet. Please contact us if you’d like some bracelets for your events.
2015-4-13 Bracelets

Aprons and Bags from Ghana!
Our wonderful Bernice in Ghana has been busy. When she’s not making or distributing DfG kits, she and her helpers are making bags and aprons and all kinds of beautiful Ghanian products which she sends to us to sell here. This is one of our favorite fund-raisers for our DfG work. These items are available at our Third Thursday events and many others, or you can come shop to your heart’s content by appointment (801 376-3417).  These beautiful aprons have become our signature DfG wear!2015-2-10 River Ridge South Jordan   (3)

Daily Herald Article about Days for Girls, Sunday 12 April: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/local-women-and-girls-help-girls-worldwide-stay-in-school/article_f2fded32-3668-5e6c-ba30-aa7228a9a0c0.html

KSL Studio 5 features Days for Girls
Monday 13 April at 11:00 a.m. Brooke Walker and Jodi Robinson shared information about Days for Girls on Studio 5. They showed a kit and explained what we are up to. We are grateful to them for helping spread the word.  Here is the link to view this great spot:http://studio5.ksl.com/?nid=61&sid=34167283

Third Thursday 16 April
This week is our next Third Thursday Event at 450 South 100 West in Orem.  We meet from 9:00 to noon and from 6:00 to  8:00 p.m.  We will be assembling kits for Kenya this week and serging like crazy!  We could really use your help!  Please drop by. We’ll have many piles of work that you can take home with you to finish.  We have only 2 weeks to get 1000 kits ready to send to Naomi in Kenya.  Please come join us!

A note from Ann
2015-3-12 Rainmaker Award UVU (26)
As you can see from these few stories, we’ve had a fabulous few weeks.  I continually Marvel at the goodness that surrounds us–the women, the men, the youth–those of you who come to help–I am often speechless as I look at rooms filled with people helping.

As I am preparing to leave for our mission in July, I am confident that this work will carry on in magnificent ways.  I have no doubt that God’s Hand is in this work.  He loves his daughters, every one.  Every where.  Period.  This work will not be stopped until every girl receives the help she needs.  We must do all we can.  Please take some time to listen to the UVU Award talk if you haven’t heard the Days for Girls Story.  Think about how you might become more involved.  Please help with donations if you are able.  We are using 100s of yards of fabric every week.  We must keep replenishing.  Your dollars and donated items keep things moving forward.  We appreciate every single penny and every pair of underwear.

Donations can be dropped off at or sent to 24 West 500 South, Orem UT  84058.

If you have found Days for Girls and we don’t know you yet, please check in with us!  If you are making or distributing kits, please contact Debbie Young and let her know what you are working on.  If you’d like to schedule a Event (we sometimes call them Period Parties), please contact a DfG leader near you.   I promise you will be blessed as you become more involved in this work.  We are His Hands and His Hearts and we can make a difference!
Ann Lewis

Upcoming Calendar
1 Apr UVU Assemble 200-300 Kits Mary Robinson
1 Apr SLC Garden Heights North YW/RS (Millcreek) Julie Minert Dalley
7 Apr Payson Mt View 4th Nancy Rameriz
8 Apr Sandy Crescent 11th Ward Emily Gibson
10 Apr BYU HART Club 4:00-5:00 Ali Peterson, Rob
13 Apr American Fork (9-12:30 every Monday) Marsha Skidmore
14 Apr YSA University of Utah
14 Apr Provo Edgemont 3rd Ward Janice Hathaway
15 Apr Midway Wasatch Mountain Ward 10:00 a.m., 7:00 p.m. Barbara Moore
15 Apr Mapleton 7th and 11th Wards Sue Roper, Valerie
16 Apr THIRD THURSDAY Provo/Orem
16 Apr Lehi 7th Ward (3rd West & State) Jane Haws
16 Apr Payson Third Thursday Deanna Hansen, Betty Quinn
21 Apr South Jordan 5th Ward Patricia Crane
21 Apr Murray Jen Benson
21 Apr Crescent Ridge Stake Humanitarian Night Dawn-Marie Grange (DY)
22 Apr Herriman  Stacie Stevens
23 Apr Orem Northridge 4th Ward Jeannie Burnham
25 Apr Hunter East Stake Kaylene Wahlquist
28 Apr Grandview 9th Ward Cheryl Klaass
28 Apr South Jordan Senior Center 12:30-2:30 Lisa Barton
29 Apr Pleasant Grove  Grove Creek 19th Ward   Danelle Dickerson
30 Apr American Fork Group for Zimbabwe Marsha Skidmore

2 May Salt Lake Stake Center 9:00-12:00 Marlinda Thomas
2 May Sugar House 31st Ward Shauna Selph Garey
3 May Mt. Olympus/Holladay RS/YW lesson Michelle Davidson
8 May Orem Park 8th Ward YW Marlene MacAffee
9 May Draper Canyon Corner Stake 9:00-12:00 Danene Torgerson, Addie Furhiman
13 May Cottonwood Heights  Sheri Caldwell
13 May West Jordan Senior Center 1:00-4:00 Kim Wu, Vicki Platt
14 May Cedar Hills 12th Ward Jessica Christopher
19 May? Sandy Sandi Simmons
30 May Los Angeles Super Saturday Event Carol Turley, Ann

17 June West Jordan Senior Center 1:00-4:00 Kim Wu, Vicki Platt
11 July 9-12:00 3 wards Andrea Crockett 801 360-1574
Sept Highland Stake Event Women’s Conf day Amber Shelby 385-8033
15 Sept Sandy Willow Creek 4th Ward Kim World 801 641-4654

Please let us know if your events are not yet listed. Thank you!

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2 Responses to Utah Days for Girls March/April News!

  1. Janice Hathaway says:

    The Edgemont 3rd Ward will be having a DFG’s service project from 6:30 to 8 PM in at the Timpview Chapel in Provo tomorrow, April 14th.

  2. Jeannie Burnham says:

    Ann, Jeannie Burnham. I talked to you last week about out R.S. meeting this week. April 23 at 7:00. We will be setting up 6:00p.m. The church is at the corner of 1750 N. and 210 E. Right north of Lysa Rttting’s house. We will be setting up as we did last time. We are so looking forward to having you and your help there. We will be willing to work hard. Thank you

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