It Overwhelms me

2015-4-18 JoAnn SaleSo today has been a great day.  Let me show you what happened.  First there were good flannel sales at JoAnn Fabrics.  60% off plus our 10% humanitarian discount and tax exempt status.  We had the longest receipt of the day.  We use our donated funds carefully and count every penny.
2015-4-18 JoAnn Sale 2 2015-4-18 JoAnn Sale 1

Then Debora Fletcher picked up kits for Libya and Malawi.  300 for each.  600 total.2015-4-18 Debora Fletcher

Then Melissa Clark, her daughter, Katie, and granddaughter, Rylee finished packing 1000 kits for our dear friend, First Lady Naomi Nyagarama from Nyamira, Kenya.  She came to the UN meetings last month in NYC, looking for solutions to the huge problem girls in her country have:  they can’t stay in school every day of each month because of their periods. Naomi happened to sit down next to one of our Days for Girls Advocates, Ann Takasaki, who explained what we do and how we help.  Naomi and her husband’s Chief of Staff, Kennedy Ongaga came to Utah to learn what we do.  They were overjoyed and overwhelmed.  They returned home and have arranged transport allowing us to send 1000 kits to their girls.  We are thrilled.  They are thrilled.  Those girls’ lives will never be the same because of the kindness of women here in Utah.

Here’s what the kit packing looked like today at Melissa Clark’s shop:2015-4-18 Packing Kits 012015-4-18 Packing Kits 022015-4-18 Packing Kits 032015-4-18 Packing kits 042015-4-18 Packing Kits 052015-4-18 Packing kits 06Here is Rylee perched on 1000 packed kits.

Then tonight I received this photo from Sondra Hudgens, a brand new DfG Chapter Leader in Provo.  She started doing DfG 3 weeks ago.  She’s already hosted several events and here’s what she did this evening with the kids in her neighborhood before they went out to play night games–they assembled 27+ kits!  2015-4-18 Sondra Hudgens

On a day like today, I feel overwhelmed by the goodness surrounding me.  I have the best friends ever.  I know the kindest volunteers on earth.  I meet amazing men and women who spend their hours looking for ways to help others.  I work with non-profits and humanitarian groups and people every day who live to serve others.  What could be better?

When I go to bed each night and think and pray and consider the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ, I feel overwhelmed and grateful to know Him and to love Him and to have access to the scriptures and revelation that teach me how He lived and loved and served others.  I love surrounding myself with these kinds of people every day.  It overwhelms me.  My heart is full.

2015-4-19 Washing Fabric, LilyOne last photo:  here is my friend Lily.  Lily and her family have become very dear to me.  Her Grandmother, Claire Hess has provided enough fabric to take care of Villages of girls.  She and her friends also trace and cut it by the boxload for our events.  Claire’s daughter, Christine Chappell sews shields and bags by the Thousands.  Her daughter, Lily, is always at her side.  Three generations of women doing good works, giving selflessly, sharing their means and time, being examples to others, like me.  The kindness I see in friends like these overwhelms me.  I love these women.

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  1. Annette Moon says:

    Ann, You are amazing! What a difference you are making throughout the world. Thanks for sharing your many talents in so many different ways. Love reading how this work is spreading!

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