John and his Ear

Living in Africa for the last 2 years meant we went with out any medical check ups that whole time.  When we returned home, we started going to all the regulars–our doctor, our dentist, this exam and that, making sure we were healthy and well.  John missed his regular dermatologist visits (he has very sensitive skin, prone to cancer spots).  He’s been having the latest spots surgically removed.  One was particularly bad–in the bowl of his ear.  It’s taken several visits and surgeries (with a very sore and raw ear), and finally his doctor sent him to an ENT specialist at the University of Utah Hospital to see if he could find clean margins.

So this was today, with the help of a great doctor, they hope they got most of it.  The labs were still a bit atypical after going as far down the ear canal as he could.  They’ll be keeping an eye on things in the future.

They took a skin graft from his thigh to cover the open wound in his ear.

Ready to rock and roll!

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