Babysitting the Grandkids in St Louis

This is perhaps my favorite picture in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. My HEAVEN.

25 Feb to 7 March 2023 we spent in St Louis babysitting our delightful grandkids.  Gratefully, we needed to be there the day after my last radiation treatment and I was able to go.  My reward.  I was so excited and so happy.  The week flew by.  I read about a thousand books, many over and over.  We played and watched these little ones growing up right before our eyes.

Vivian will be a year old May 2nd. Margot turns 3 March 20th. Josie is 4 until Oct and Clark was 6 in Sept. All growing.

Vivian is solid and chubby.  She weighs as much as Margot.  She has just learned to crawl this last week and she’s adorable. She’s always happy, even though they discovered ear infections in both ears this last week. She is quick to smile and she goes down for naps without a complaint.  She loves to bounce in her bouncer surrounded by stimulating toys that are making her very smart!

Margot LOVES her Maleficent costume dress (black and purple) and she loves all things evil. She’ll say things like “I have a poison apple,” or “I’m making a potion.” She’ll also say, “I am the master of all evil!!” Always with a glint in her eye. She’s adorable. She loves all things mean and on the dark side.  When I asked her who her favorite princess is, she said, “the wicked stepmother.”  She is full of spunk and is as sharp as they come.  She and Josie go to dance lessons in their little tutus.

Josie is a pretty princess with long blonde hair (“that almost reaches into the toilet”).  She loves pink and wands and crowns and dress up shoes. She is shy and can mask her emotions perfectly with a blank stare. She loves to help in the kitchen and “read recipes.” She also loves to read Princess stories.  She can sit for hours reading them to herself (she has the words memorized).  Josie goes to pre-school twice a week.

Clark is so bright. His favorite book this week is about dinosaur sharks. He knows every detail. We read several books together every afternoon–about animals, the human body, dinosaurs and other factual things. He also loves a good story and he listens to every word intently. He’s a joy to read with. He also brings home a book to read every day from school.  He loves to learn about almost everything, down to the smallest detail.  Clark is in Kindergarten and rides a bus to school.  His teeth are also starting to fall out.  Two were wiggly this week.

Heidi and Adam are Tired.  I hope this week was a great break from them. I hope they were able to sleep and relax and enjoy some time together. This is a very busy house.

Clark is “excavating” a dinosaur bone from a plaster shark tooth. He wants to be a paleologist.

Heidi sent this photo the next week on Margot’s 3rd birthday.

One of the funniest things that happened this week was at church on the 2nd Sunday we were there.  One after the next, older folks came up to us, asking how it was going.  “Oh, I remember those days!  How exhausting!!”  “We’ve been there and done that!”  One older gentleman came up to me, took my arm, and said, “How many more hours??”  It’s true, we WERE pretty tired, but we really had a great week, loving these kids and spending time with them.  I’d go back in a flash.

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