Our Abidjan East Mission Reunion with Pres & Sis Binene

Yesterday evening at the end of a wonderful day of General Conference, we went to Salt Lake and picked up Pres & Sis Binene, our former Mission Leaders.  With his new assignment as an Area Authority, they got to come from their home in the Congo for General Conference, meetings and instruction here,  We took them to a missionary reunion we organized for them in Bountiful.  This is the first time the Binenes have seen these missionaries since they served together from 2017-2020.

Being reunited was like a little slice of heaven!

This is a short clip of these returned missionaries singing “Israel, Israel, God is Calling” with gusto and with the variations you hear in African wards.  It’s amazing and delightful!

What a great group!  They came from far and wide to greet Pres & Sis Binene one more time!

Then today we had another special gathering with the Binenes and couples who served in the Congo when he was a church leader there.  We met in the home of Don & Marsha Livingstone in Provo.  They were the Mission Leaders to all of these wonderful couples.

We enjoyed listening (in beautiful French) to the Binenes tell these couples what they’ve been doing the last 15 or so years.  And we listened to lots of very fun mission stories from their time in the Congo together.  It was another slice of heaven!

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